About Us


Le Tri New Solutions Co., Ltd is a new company, established in July 2019 and started business in September 2019 in analytical chemistry supplies.


Chemical reference standards,
Analytical chemicals,
Laboratory and chromatography consumables
Scientific equipment

We serve customers in the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Food, Agriculture, Environment, Research institutes, research laboratories of universities, …

We are distributing products of brands: IKA, Mettler Toledo, Horiba, FineTech-Filter, Himedia, Merck-Sigma Aldrich chemical, Fisher Scientific,…
Le Tri NS not only provides products but also solutions for customers: guidelines for implementing ISO, GLP, GMP, HSE quality systems. We always strive to find new, reliable and economical solutions for our customers.


Our team have experienced members who have worked for prestigious companies and organizations such as: Institute of Drug Quality Control Ho Chi Minh City, Sanofi Vietnam Pharmaceutical Company, Vietnam Institute of Materials Science, leading trading companies. Therefore, we have a team of professionals, experience, enthusiasm, and effective work.
Our advisors are professors and PhD who have been or are currently working at Institute of Drug Quality Control and from leading universities in Ho Chi Minh City.

Policy: Man is the center, Le Tri makes a working environment that truly honors human talents and values, all employees unite together for a common goal and shine together.


With a good team, Le Tri constantly strives in every circumstance to assert and enhance our position on Lab supplies market in Vietnam, maintaining the trusts of customers and partners.

Le Tri will devise appropriate strategies to achieve specific goals to grow. That includes developing quality products, economics, improving service quality and collaborative efforts, working with partners to optimize competitive advantage and long-term development.

 Diversify business products on scientific equipment and supplies.
 In the next 5 years, Le Tri will be one of the top suppliers of laboratory and chromatography in Vietnam.
 The distributor of leading brands in life science field.

Mission: To provide customers with quality and economic solutions, to be a long-term partner in all relationships.

Core values: Integrity – Respect – Courage – Innovation – Creativity

Business philosophy: “Trust partner, trust solutions”